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Hagen Coffee Roasters 
800 5th Ave N Seattle 

We started sourcing and roasting our coffee back in 2017. While at that time we were leasing a space in a commercial roasting facility we always knew that we wanted to become independent coffee roasters. Our main motivation was the desire to be able to choose the coffee we will serve to our customers. The origin, the farmer, the processing methodenvironmental responsibility and sustainable coffee approach.  

 We want to be able to work together with the farm growers and be part of the whole process from seed to cup. We wanted to be able to select and import the green coffee that we personally tasted and liked, and to roast our coffee incorporating science, coffee knowledge, and innovation.  

In 2020, we opened our Café Hagen/Hagen Coffee Roasting Facility at 800 5th Ave N in Seattle and since then we experiment and roast daily on our Probat 12. We roast about 50+ different coffee varietals per year from about 15+ different part of the World. We roast coffee that we love and love to share with our friends and community every day

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We source great coffee and support farmers. 


We source coffees in season and around the world.  


We embrace innovation and coffee traceability in each step from seed to cup. 

Coffee Journey

We are trained quality coffee graders, barista champions, and coffee enthusiasts. We love to talk coffee, flavors, taste, roasting profiles, coffee sourcing strategies. 

We are passionate to share our journey in coffee and everything that we know and things we are learning. Please feel free to contact us if you want to learn more or if you have any questions 

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