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Café Hagen owner, Maria Beck, settled in Seattle from Scandinavia with a passion to share the best elements of hygge - the cozy contentment and well-being you feel from enjoying the simple things in life.
For Maria, this cozy simplicity translates into specialty coffee and home-baked pastries enjoyed in an elegant, yet inviting neighborhood space.

An oasis of Scandinavian coziness in the uber-busy South Lake Union, Café Hagen brings the casual yet refined, elegant yet subtle charm of Copenhagen to Seattle. 

The relaxing ambiance of Café Hagen is complete with Scandinavian-influenced coffee from Hagen Coffee Roasters (with an exclusive coffee line roasted only for Café Hagen), Scandinavian style food choices, snack delicacies, and hand-picked fine wine and beer selections.

From our families Scandinavian pastry recipes, the house made sauces and syrups, to the made-to-order brunch selections, our menu items showcase Café Hagen's passion to deliver a unique, indulgent and European experience with a humble and casual Northwest approach. 

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