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Freya Bakery 1426 Western Ave
Pike Place Market 

In 2019, when we opened Café Hagen in South Lake Union our main desire was to serve baked goods that we ourselves will make them and share them daily with all of our customers. That vision guided us to where we are today, independent Scandinavian Bakery in the heart of Seattle supplying exclusively our cafés every morning, every day.

Freya Bakery


Inspired by Scandinavian lifestyle, simplicity and attention to details, we aim to create the best bread, pastries, and cakes incorporating our own innovative approach to flavors and sensory perception of food, baking methods, and creativity 


We are super excited and grateful to work with very talented bakers on a daily basis.

We are glad to have a chance to present to our customers all our hard work that actually continues every day and every night. 

We are happy that you can see the difference !  

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